June 3, 2013

Upon meeting each other, Ace and Ernie had aspirations of starting a metal band, and ruling the world.
They decided this metal band would be called Goblin Claw.

Ace and Ernie practiced everyday, they dug deep inside themselves writing lyrics, and perfecting their craft.
Eventually, they  saved  enough money to record a Goblin Claw demo.  The demo was passed out to local radio stations, sent to fanzines, and given to people around town.

Nobody listened to it, and the few that did listen to it…hated it.


Embarrassed and defeated, they retreated back to their secret clubhouse and devised a plan.

They realized that most of their peers simply weren’t listening to  punk or metal anymore, most people were listening to rap, and to get their attention Ace and Ernie would have to adapt.

First they would study and learn how to rap, then they would record a rap album. Once they had people’s attention, they would re-release their Goblin Claw demos to a wider audience.

This album is the first part of their grand scheme.